Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sweet Love

Sweet Love SMS

"I have held on so long on my own, because I knew that this time would come.. and I would meet the most amazing person who makes me smile like no one ever has :)"

  "Smile at me and I will return a smile. Speak gently to me and I will return kind words. Love me and my heart will be yours eternally..."


"When you LOVE someone, you'll do anything to make them happy... even if it means letting them go and knowing u cant have them"

"I never thought I would find my true love & best friend in the same person. You have made me complete. I love you! ♥"

"You are the love of my life, the light of my soul, the water that makes me grow and the one that makes my life meaningful! I love you more then I have ever! ♥"

"I will always love you for the rest of my days. You don't know at all and it has to be that way. All I can do is love you from within my heart and soul."

"You stole my heart and i stole yours so lets lock them up together and throw away the key! I love you! ♥"

"Thinks that you should go on your phone, start a next text on 'T9' mode and type in 4156831968, then look at the screen, baby its true :) ♥"

"At first i thought i had no chance with you but now look at us:) I'm still so shocked you picked me(: But maybe.. just maybe.. we were meant to be ♥ Ily"

Sweet Love SMS 
"Sure, in the eyes of the world you are just one more person in this world, but in my eyes you are the world. I love you with all my heart ♥"

"No matter how bad life seems, all I gotta do is look around and know that my friends love me! like/comment if you're one of them!(:"

0 reasons not to like you, but I could only think of 100 reasons why I like you."

"Says; Though we get in fights, we are still there for each other, day and night. I love you, now and forever."

"I really think you're the one. I don't care if anyone else says we won't last. I know we will, we just have to prove them wrong."

"The 1st time I ever saw you i didn't know what the feeling was, was it friendship? after a while I realized maybe this is what love feels like. It feels amazing"

"When I look in your eyes I see comfort, when I lay in your arms I feel safe, when I kiss u I feel loved, but knowing ur the 1 for me completes me I love you"

"You put me on a pedestal that I didn't even know existed! You treat me with dignity and respect and love and accept my kids just as if they were ur own. I ♥ U"

"No matter how many times I get hurt because of u, I won't leave u. Coz even if I have a thousand reasons to leave u, I'll look for that one reason to fight 4u:)"  

"When I saw you I was afraid to meet you when i met you i was afraid to kiss you when i kissed you i was afraid to love you now that i love u i cant lose u♥"

"[its not what i feel for you] Its what i don't feel for anyone but you. Some one asked me what i saw in you and my only answer was everything."

"I had my mind made up that i was alright on my own...until you came around :)"

"So i miss you arms around me, i miss your lips on mine, and i miss your voice in my ear, i miss how you make me feel safe. so please come back to me..."

"There is a thin line between need and want. You are that line. I need you, and i want you."

"You say you love me, you need me, you want me. Just one question...When are you going to SHOW me and TREAT me accordingly?"

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